Addiction recovery reviews

Our Former Clients Say it Best

Our Canadian Addiction Recovery Network Reviews and Services provided at each location are what make past and present Clients favorably review or organization. and consider it the best Drug Rehab 

Here are some of then and what they say......

 “One thing that impressed me – many of my therapists at the Rocky  Mountain Retreat were recovering, just like me. I knew they knew exactly  where I was coming from. Made all the difference in the world.” 

“I went there because it’s in Muskoka, and I love Muskoka. The  setting and the resort like amenities you can’t beat all the while you  are recovering from addiction. You get comfortable and you feel better.  How great is that?” 

“I considered going to a long standing government facility for  rehab…but my therapist recommended The Canadian Addiction Recovery  Network. Good call.” 

“I’m a physician who went to the Muskoka Recovery Resort to deal with  my alcoholism. Their approach to addiction is the best in mental health  and care. That’s why I refer to them.” 

“Never thought I’d have to go to rehab. Never thought I’d write a  review about it. But I did. If you have to go to rehab – go to The CARN  Rocky Mountain Retreat.” 

“The best thing about the CARN family program was that we also  recovered from what the destruction of addiction did to our family. We  all learned how not to push each other’s buttons and to accept our  daughter’s new way to live and in recovery and not dwell on her past.  Felt like a weight was lifted off me. We know how to communicate now.” 

“Groups were good. Nice people. Good food. great rooms and comfortable. The one on ones were phenomenal. I recommend it.”