Private vs Government

Private Versus Government Addiction Treatment

Private Addiction Treatment is the preferred drug rehab treatment option for many people for Ontario addiction treatment centres and those in Alberta . Admission can  usually be organised right away(inside of 24 hours). If you have the funds to pay privately you will be able to access private Addiction rehab treatment. 

 Addiction is a chronic disease and mental condition and while relapse rates for many programs are famously high, studies show that for those that for those who have had at least 2 months of private residential  treatment, only approximately 25% reported relapse after a year. The  relapse rates at Government rehab programs are much higher like approximately  70-80%. This can be very real and hence also why it is so important on choosing not only the right centre but is one reason why private addiction treatment centres are much better.

  Canadian Addiction Recovery Network reviews  how private addiction treatment is better than govt treatment centres.

All this meaning that Canadian Addiction Recovery Network reviews  private vs govt addiction treatment  

Pros and Cons


Private Rehab:

+ Flexible treatment plan;

+ Speed of admission - sometimes within 24 hours;

+ Medical detox is offered

+ All treatment on one site: cohesion of care and daily routine;

+ Confidentiality;

+ Patients will usually have the same therapist/staff caring for them throughout treatment;

+ Will take place in a safe environment away from temptations and worries so patients can focus on recovery;

+ The therapeutic community provides strong bonds with therapists and other patients that aid recovery;

+  Family visiting times and facilities to make phone calls/receive letters, visiting accommodation provided;

+ Often provide complementary therapies such as equine therapy, art therapy, gym and fitness;

+ Aftercare programme;

- More expensive than rehab with Govt

- Rarely covered by insurance. 


Government rehab:

+ Free of charge;

+ Some Confidentiality

+ Accessible to everyone;

+ Located in the local community, close to home and family;

- Lengthy admissions process and wait times;

- Might not be referred to residential rehab;

- No Medical detox and usually must be clean and free from substances 72 hrs min

- Patients may be asked to go to different clinics/centres for different treatments;

- Recovery may be affected by life distractions and access to drugs and alcohol;

- Access to a personal therapist is very rare;

- Lack of one-on-one therapy

- Non-Confidential - mandate to report to govt agencies ie CAS, MOT...

- Patients do not have the same therapist/staff caring for them throughout treatment-many counselors different times providing classes;

- It may be more challenging to build an outpatient support network or no support network at all.